Jonathan Hajduk


What has surprised you most about your experience at Lynchburg College?

“Many facets of Lynchburg College came as a surprise to me. I enjoy the close-knit community I found here, which exceeds that of my hometown. The people here have pushed me to do better, strive for more, and succeed on fronts I never thought possible. I have become a more well-rounded individual and all challenges have come as exciting goals for me, whether it be writing a philosophy paper, creating a research project, or reading poetry.

“Another aspect that I have found at Lynchburg College is the rigor of curriculum that both challenges and excites its students. I knew coming in that I would be introduced to new material, but I had no idea about how interesting it would be. The things I have learned from fine arts to Aristotelian ethics have changed my outlook on life and increased my interest in subjects I would never have invested time into otherwise. The experience at LC is truly unique in its ability to drive individuals to expand their knowledge, abilities, and interests to areas that otherwise would be unknown.”

Jonathan Hajduk ’17
Biology and Chemistry major

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